Friday, June 08, 2007

What's worse than Jewish music?

NOTHING! Not even the original dodgy 70s disco eurovision pop song that it was ripped off from!

[caution: possible kol isha warning! and definite dodgy 70s disco warning!!]

(I know this is old news, but I thought this edit was well done. The only problem is that I have had this tune in my head for the past 24 hours!!!)

On the other hand, if you want some real Jewish music, check out Blog in Dm. A great collection of everything good in the Jewish music scene today. (and Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water')

Back to the disco:

Wikipedia know all about them

Dschinghis Khan (Pronounced "Jingis" Khan (IPA pronunciation: 'dʒɪŋ.ɪs kaːn)) was a German pop band, created in 1979 to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. The name of the band was chosen to fit the song of the same name, written and produced by Ralph Siegel with lyrics by Bernd Meinunger.

Appearing at the height of the disco boom and following on the heels of other German-produced bands such as Boney M, Arabesque, and Silver Convention, the band achieved wide popularity throughout the world, especially in Europe, Russia, Australia and Japan, though they went wholly unnoticed in the United States. Their songs invariably were themed on historical figures and exotic cultures and locales.

Though the group broke up in the mid-1980s, it has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity on the Internet due to the discovery of a video of them performing their hit song Moskau. The video and the song associated with it have become a popular topic on blogs and can be considered an Internet fad. The specific video was a part of the show "Disco", very popular on ZDF through the 70s.

On Wikipedia they even know the truth about this song:
The Yiddish song on Jerusalem Not For Sale (1986) (with chorus, "Yidden, Yidden") is an adaption of "Dschinghis Khan" (English: Genghis Khan), from the German band Dschinghis Khan.

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