Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gaza is Israel's fault cartoons

I should really have titled this post 'proud to be a New Zealander', but some of you may have thought I was being serious.

Let me re-phrase that. I am proud to be a New Zealander (or kiwi as we like to call ourselves) but when I see how anti-Semitic - oops! I mean anti-Israel the media there is, I'm not sure any more.

Look at these cartoons from different Arab countries:

The first one is from Qatar, the second from Bahrain and the third from New Zealand.

Whoops! New Zealand isn't an Arab country. How did that one get in the list. Yet it seems that Mike Moreu is inspired by the Arab media for his ideas and cartoons.
It is the cartoon of the day on Stuff (which is NZs online newspaper). It is not a particularly funny or witty idea, but all three papers seem to view what is going on in Gaza as some sporting event set up by the Israelis to kill Palestinians. Clearly it cannot be the fault of the Palestinians!

Thanks to YID With LID for finding the cartoons from the Arab media.

have a nice day (I love how Americans say that even when they mean 'I have a migraine and an ingrown toenail. Your breath smells and you are driving me crazy for no good reason, and if I had a gun I would seriously consider shooting you right not, but since I don't - 'Have a nice day!')

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