Monday, June 04, 2007

Scary phone message

I just received possibly one of the most scary phone messages ever. By bank manager left a voice message (and just when I was about to panic that we were over our limit and they were going to cancel our credit card and take all the children as collateral*) to wish me a 'Happy Birthday!' (though he said it in Hebrew). AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Don't do that to me without a warning first - please!

Someone has just found me the ideal present, The Pessimist's Mug. It's not that I don't think that things are great, but I just feel that a little bit of depression every now and then serves as a great antidote to all this happiness about.
Have a look at the mugs they sell as well. They are hysterical.

Also from the same website, a book that nobody can afford to be without!
The Art of Demotivation. Make sure you read what it says about the chairman's edition (as a vegetarian I especially like the footnote)

And finally, chaptzem has worked out how to tame Mordechai Ben David. Click here to make him say what YOU want! Now if I can only find the 'off' button.

Have a great Monday. If you live outside of Israel, welcome to the beginning of the week.

*If he promises to treat them well I would quite happily give the bank manager a few of my kids on loan if that would secure my overdraft. They need extra attention between 3 and 7pm, and lots of cornflakes, but apart from that they are good value for money.

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