Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Bog Standard

Language Warning. The blog you are about to read may be unintelligible to non-English speakers (i.e. Americans). See end of blog, or use internet, for glossary.
Subject Warning. This has nothing to do with Judaism or Israel. It refers to the place that Americans charmingly refer to as 'restroom' though I would probably not choose to rest there if I had any alternative. AKA bathroom, though you won't find any bath there. AKA washroom, but please use soap (because - 'where there's lice - there's soap!' - Rabbi Shraga Silverstein)

Breaking news: (from 25 April 2007) - "New toilet designs to help combat bullying in BSF schools"!!

This doesn't even require any further comment. My only question is how will it prevent dehydration? (that is always my question in this heat).

New guidance published today governing the specification of toilet blocks in schools will help tackle bullying in secondary schools. New designs to be used in all BSF schools will make toilets more attractive, cleaner and safer for pupils to use.

The guidance, Toilets in Schools, recommends making hand-washing areas more visible and placing toilet blocks opposite classrooms and staff areas enabling them to be supervised "passively". With the fear of bullies using toilets to threaten and mistreat others reduced, pupils will be more likely to drink water at school and so keep hydrated throughout the day...

Toilets that pupils can be proud of also reduce rates of absenteeism, boost self-esteem, improve relations between pupils and teachers, and encourage willingness and ability to learn.

This was published (seriously) in "The new Guidance – Toilets in Schools – is part of a series of Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions DfES guidance notes produced for the Building Schools for the Future programme."

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Bog - slang for toilet/ w.c./ restroom etc.
Bog standard - something ordinary or unremarkable.

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