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Rock music at Jewish weddings - Yated's view

Deah v'Dibur is the online version of Yated Neeman (obviously since the internet is forbidden they can't give the same name to their online version, because that would imply that they use the internet. So, like everyone else, they just pretend that they don't hold of the internet and use it anyway). Yated is the main journal of Chareidi Judaism (that is not an endorsement, just what I think is a statement of fact. You are welcome to disagree).

They have outdone themselves in this article, which combines everything we expect from them: shoddy journalism, bad English, opinions stated as facts etc.

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What surprised me somewhat about this article is that they are happy to use racist statements in their propaganda exercise. What does this line say to you?

"According to Allan Bloom (in his book The Closing of the American Mind) rock and roll is indeed no more and no less than the savage and primitive rhythm of darkest Africa." (From Present Tense: Rock and Roll and Culture, Ed. Anthony DeCurtis, p.47)

I looked in Alan Bloom. I don't believe he uses racist language, or blames the 'Africans' for the evils of society. (he is against rock music, and you can choose to agree or not, but why be racist about it).

And this quote comes five lines after this disclaimer:

(It was pointed out to us that one of the sources used was from a racist publication so we have removed it. It was not essential to any of the points of the article.)

- they don't even know racism until it is pointed out to them!!!

(and how about this one:

By the mid 1950s the effects of the singers and their immoral music could be seen in the behavior of American youth. Religious groups, local governments, police authorities and white citizens councils began to denounce rock and roll, connecting it in an unholy alliance to race, immorality and delinquency.

- only the white citizens???)

I am also amazed (though I shouldn't be) that since they claim that everything is the fault of the 'goyim', they happily quote from them when it suits them (since when was Frank Sinatra a Halachic authority) and base themselves on a Catholic p'sak halacha no less!!

In March 1957, fearing the effects of the "hedonistic, tribal rhythms" of rock and roll music, Chicago's Cardinal Stritch banned popular music from all Catholic-run schools. He later called a press conference to educate parents about the negative effects of rock music on their children.

(not to mention which countries they look to as role models:)

Public performances by rock singers were banned in many American cities, but the young people demanded their democratic rights to behave like animals, and only countries with totalitarian governments such as Russia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq and Egypt succeeded in banning the new form of teenage rebellion.

And this alleged quote from an alleged music professor would have Beethoven turning in his grave (although as a 'goy' I'm not sure he is allowed to):

" `I will explain to you what is `rock.' In all music there is a melody and a rhythm. In conventional music the melody is always the main factor and the rhythm is secondary to it. In rock music however, the principal force is always the rhythm, and the whole purpose of the rhythm in this music is just to waste time.'

Huh???? Rhythm in conventional music is secondary to the melody? I don't think that has been true since the gregorian plainchant in the middle ages.

I want to comment on the basic argument that all Jewish rock music should be banned in another post. But I wanted to congratulate Yated and Deah v'Dibur on printing one of the most offensive and idiotic articles I have ever read!
Well done.

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