Thursday, June 07, 2007

Life Coaching and invisible ice cream cones

Ben Goldfarb is a good friend of mine (it makes me feel very old to think how long I've known him for). And yet he still continues to amaze me. He sits and learns every morning, and is an NLP life coach in the afternoons. He he has worked in the hi-tech
industry in Israel. He served in a reserve combat engineering unit of the IDF since 1991 and was transferred to a reserve unit of the IDF's Military
Intelligence Branch in 1999.not to mention public speaking trainer, father, and now - comedian! Here is his standup routine on Stimulus Response:

Don't press my buttons!!

As always, the trick is to translate thoughts into actions. It is all mind over matter (but if I don't mind it doesn't matter).

What could be more important in life than a keyboard for pushing your butons? Unless of course it is an invisible ice cream cone. You can't have anything better than that surely! (Lefty sells one to Ernie in this classic Sesame Street sketch):

Watch out for Lenny the Lip and don't drop your invisible ice cream cone. I always thought that Ernie's favourite flavour was pistachio!

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