Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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This is an article on a blog about the difficulties of keeping nida for a deaf person. I don't think I've ever read a better explanation of the positive aspects of hilchot nida than this. Fantastic read.

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad: The Niddah Difference

Does conservative Judaism always have to be wrong on principle? I don't think so, and neither do the people at 'This is Babylon'. Look at this post about the state of kashrut and ethical behaviour:

This is Babylon.

Even as a vegetarian (or perhaps because I'm a vegetarian) I think that kashrus cannot be used as an excuse to avoid hygiene, health or humanitarian laws (or any other laws for that matter, but that is a different topic).

There is an interesting (if flawed) article here about the impossibility of evolution based on the staggeringly large numbers involved:

Math Formula for the Impossibility of Evolution

(I think the obvious flaw, even if all the numbers are correct is that we are here. Therefore whatever the statistics say, it is a certainty. Statistics only tell us the chances of things happening, but once they have happened the statistics don't mean anything. Otherwise none of us would exist, because the statistical chances of our DNA lining up (with all the things that went before that) and our being born and growing to adulthood are infinitesimally small. But we do - I think (as Descartes would say))

Poor old (young) Gavi is trying to make Aliya. But it is not easy. I wish her and the family every success. Perhaps there is someone who has better connections than me and can help them?

Read about it here

And finally, on a lighter note, what happens if you stick a toothpick in two 'Easter peeps' and stick them in the microwave? Peep jousting of course. A battle to the death! Enjoy (and there are plenty more where that came from).

That was my Monday! Have a happy Tuesday.

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