Friday, June 22, 2007

New Siddur

A Big Jewish Blog wants your help. He is writing a new siddur and would like your contributions please.

Siddur Kol Hevel

What are your favorite, most inspiring, most unsettling passages? The ones you turn to, or that shaped you, for better or for worse? Ones you've stumbled across, and that haunt you--or tickle you, for that matter, with their sass and heterodoxy.

I'll post mine, one by one, as the summer goes on. Please post yours, as comments or (if you're a contributor) as a post: the passage, and some sort of attribution, so that I can track it down if need be.

Presumably members of Anshei K'nesset HaGadolah or Shmuel HaKatan are not elligible to contribute (firstly because they are no longer alive, and secondly because they have already composed one siddur - at least the important bits)

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