Friday, May 25, 2007

Where are the socks?

I have to admit that this has not been the most succesful trip so far. For example, the main reason I came here was for a wedding. Except that the wedding has been called off (for good reason, but still very sad).
I had hoped to pick up some stuff that I had left in Leeds from 3 years ago, and which has been sitting in someone's garage since then (nothing all that essential, but some cutlery, a pasta pot, some kilt socks and some other equally essential items - oh yes, and a trampoline). Except that in the past 3 years they have migrated to the bottom of a huge pile of stuff and I wasn't able to get to them at all (and didn't have time to empty the other stuff).
I had come to leeds to speak in 2 Shuls, which was fine, except that I lost my voice by the second day, so it was a very quiet sermon (I properly lost my voice - how am I going to yell at my kids when I get home?)
And finally, the other thing I needed was some Winnie the Pooh socks from Asda. I went there last night (after yomtov - about 1:00 am). They sell absolutely everything there, except for golfing shoes (according to one of the workers) - and Winnie the Pooh socks!
So now I have come down to London. I'm staying in Edgeware with some fantastic friends. Things can only get better from now on.
But I must admit it was fantastic listening to all the grumpy old men - exactly as it was when I left Yorkshire 3 years ago!
have a great shabbos everyone. looking forward to reporting about a wonderful couple of days in the capital.

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