Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pizza for 4 with all the toppings - to take away!

Today the BBC reports:

A British climber is in the closing stages of an attempt to set a world record for the highest mobile call.

Rod Baber is making final preparations to scale Mount Everest and make the call from its north ridge.

What I want to know is whether the pizza place will deliver when he finally makes that call!

Someone should tell him that at the time of the tower of Bavel they made a similar attempt to climb to the highest point in the world (and construct the tower that would take them there). They weren't going to make a phone call - they didn't need to, since everyone lived in the same place and spoke the same language - but they wanted to show that their technology was greater than G-d. I hope Mr Baber won't make that mistake, but will realise the wonders of nature and the Creator who made them. It astonishes me that G-d made a human being who is able to live at sea level and is also able to ascend to such heights and breath (just about) and even move around a little bit.

But on a more serious note, can you imagine the lengths he is going to in order to make the highest mobile phone call! Days, weeks, months of preparations and money in order to break the record. And what will he do? Call someone on the ground!

While he is doing that we have the opportunity every day for our prayers to be heard in the heavens. That is much further (and closer, since G-d is everywhere) than the top of Everest. When we pray with sincerity we can achieve in an instant far more than Rod Bader will do with all his preparations.

(The main reason I am posting this is to take my mind of the much more disturbing news (which isn't really news anyway) that both the EU and the US wish we didn't have access to the kotel and the Old City, but should cede it to the Palestinians!
This is the Jerusalem Post article:

The United States ambassador in Israel, Richard Jones, will not be participating in Monday's Jerusalem Day ceremony at the Knesset, sources said Sunday afternoon. It was not yet clear whether his decision to absent himself, which followed a similar decision by the EU, was politically motivated.

And to make matters worse in 12 years the city will belong to Hamas anyway, even without the foreign politicians helping out:

Hamas may conquer Jerusalem within 12 years, says mayor

Uri Lupolianski warns cabinet ministers that demographic shift could lead to Palestinian group gaining control of Israel’s capital. As government discusses 40-year anniversary of city's reunification, Olmert promises to invest in its development

So let's just watch Rod Baber and his attempt at the highest mobile phone call - and let's hope for his sake an aeroplane doesn't go overhead while he is trying to make his call, because not only will he not be able to hear when the pizza will be ready, but someone on the plane might be making an even higher phone call!)

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