Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Right Wing Modern O?

I found this test on the internet (it was a link from re-jew-venate). These kind of tests never mean anything, and are always wrong, but actually I think this just about sums me up (I do usually wear a hat, and feel guilty when I don't). If nothing else, this test might explain to Richard the difference between chareidi and not.

Try it and post your results. User Test: The Orthodoxy  Test.

This is me:

Left Wing Modern Orthodox: 37%
Right Wing Modern Orthodox: 74%
Left Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 66%
Right Wing Yeshivish/Chareidi: 33%

This means you're: Right Wing Modern O.

What does it mean?

You're shteiging away in the YU beis medrash and really enjoying that Kant class in the afternoon. You've achieved shiurvanna - the perfect synthesis of frumkeit and the outside world. Everyone to the left is way too modern and everyone to the right is too rigid and machmir. Sometimes you feel guilty about not wearing a hat.

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