Thursday, May 31, 2007

'GLAT' kosher

While we are on the topic of boxes and getting out of them, this is the reason that google are the number one search engine on the planet:

It is one page of their job interview questionnaire (the GLAT). You can find the answers and more questions here. By thinking outside the box (literally) google have been able to consistently create products and services that work. I have no idea how they think of these things.
This is what we should be doing in Judaism as well. Escape from all the 'normal' thinking and problems, and view things in a new way, so that we can see the beauty in everything and escape from the boxes.
One team who have tried (with quite a bit of success) is Aish (not that I am their biggest fan, but they get points for trying). Look here to see that I am not the only one who finds Torah in Simpsons (though I would not have chosen such an obvious one).
Time to get out of the box and get GLAT!

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