Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Aides say 'give him a chance to learn'

Just to add to my previous post - the spin doctors have managed to turn the entire thing on its head. According to YNet:

Meanwhile Olmert aides said the Winograd Commission hinted that the prime minister should be given a chance to learn from his mistake.
"A culture that doesn't allow those who err to keep their posts is not a progressive culture," one aide quoted one of the report's footnotes. "It is likely to lose its most experienced individuals in order to allow people who have not made mistakes to repeat mistakes made by others."

In fact what the commission said was that they were forced to publish the interim report because the Prime Minister and government had failed to learn from their mistakes. They felt he was using the governmental committee as an excuse to not have to learn. But that now means (according to Olmert's aides) that he should be given another chance to learn. Perhaps I was wrong before when I said that a person is led on the path that they choose for themselves, maybe he is being given a chance to learn.
Or perhaps, like Pharaoh, he will not read the writing on the wall, and continue to say 'who is this G-d that I should listen to Him'.

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