Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank you Open Office!

I have been going crazy (not unusual) for the past 2 days trying to get Microsoft Word to do something very simple (I could have done it with a pen and paper). The programme kept on crashing on me every time (I think it has a thing against Bamidbar). After several hours (over 2 days) and dozens of crashes (just Word, not the whole computer luckily) I decided to give up on Bill Gates and try Open Office. I downloaded it from here and it is simple, obvious, clear and most importantly IT WORKS!! Yay!!! Thank you Open Office and Sun computers!

I can now get on with my work, (while listening to the phenomenal Steve Vai - check out this clip (unless you are still not listening to music because it is the Omer, in which case please don't). Bulgarian Wedding Music?????

OK, better stop blogging and get back to work. Thanks for listening/ reading.

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