Thursday, May 10, 2007

Identity Parade

Pity the poor editor of the Jerusalem Post. He has a horrific story about parents selling their two young daughters as wives to two older men. And to make it worse the mother of the men (who were brothers) argued that this was an accepted custom.
That is the story. But wouldn't it be better with a picture to go with it? Except that they are not allowed to reveal the identity of the suspects or the victims. So what can they do?
Luckily one muslim woman looks pretty much the same as the other, so they solved the problem by putting this picture with the article:

The only thing I don't understand is why they had to write the following caption underneath the picture:

Veiled Palestinian women. (Not related to story.)

HOW WOULD WE KNOW? How could anyone tell if they were related to the story or not? How would we know if these are nobel laureates or suicide bombers? What does a kid say when he gets lost in the supermarket and they ask him what his mother looks like?

I know there are chareidim who wish all women would dress like this, and I respect and understand other religions and customs. BUT what a great way to commit a crime. No longer any need for the stocking over the head, the veil says it all.

I just wish they wouldn't put the funny pictures with the horrific stories (like that one about Mickey Mouse and the Hamas TV chanel).

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