Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Omer count 22

Today is the 22nd day of the Omer, making 3 weeks and 1 day. Here are some songs to help you remember that fact.
22 by Lily Allen (Best English accent in a song with 22 in the title)
22 by Taylor Swift (Very different kind of accent)
Twenty Two by Millencolin (Swedish Punk Omer song)
22: The Death of All Romance by The Dears (Canadians who stole the beginning of the song from the Clash)
22 Dreams by Paul Weller (Former Jam and Style Council member dreams of the Omer)
Waiting For 22 by Queensr├┐che (Operation Mind:Crime)
Fell in Love at 22 Starflyer 59 (Shoegazing from California)
22 Acacia Avenue by Iron Maiden (part II of "Charlotte the Harlot" - as if you didn't know. This clip is from before Bruce Dickenson got his hair cut)

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