Sunday, April 07, 2013

New Twist in Rav Kav Story

I just received this email. I am posting it as is. I take no responsibility for the content (because it contradicts what Citipass told me explicitly on the phone). On the other hand, I certainly have no reason to trust Citipass.
Dear Rabbi Sedley 
I saw on Friday in the Jerusalem Post in a letter published that there was in fact a policy change made by Citypass, no longer accepting the maavar from a bus to a train. I have multiple to sources who can confirm they have been charged twice. I have sent them a letter requesting a clarification of the policy in the form of a public announcement, otherwise I will be filing a class-action lawsuit against them if they do not do so within 48 hours.

If you can, please post this on your blog-site, so we can try and get as many people to come forward. Thank you.
If you want to contact him you can do so through me (I won't post  his contact details without permission - though if he gives permission I will add it here), or leave a comment.

Let's hope that this gets sorted out and the people of Jerusalem (and Israel) get proper and honest answers, and a proper and honest transport system.

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  1. I also saw the letter in the Jerusalem Post this weekend and this was the first time I realised why it seemed lately that my Rav Kav was running out faster than I expected. I have been in the habit of going from bus to train, presuming it was costing me one ride, as long as it was still within 90 minutes.
    I would like to know how this issue gets resolved and will not be using the light rail until then --- I am lucky that I have a choice and can get to and from work every day using buses only.
    I certainly don't have time to go and stand in line at the Citipass office to complain every time their machine makes a "mistake" in their favor and it is very suspicious that so many people are now noticing this so called "glitch" which is making Citipass a lot of money.
    Helen Linden