Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vayetze - the lighter side

I received this from AH, and with his permission am posting it here. I don't really understand it fully, so please don't ask me any kashyas from Rashi or Gemarahs.

But do leave feedback if you find it enhances your understanding of the Torah portion.

There is nothing that is not hinted to in the Torah. Please excuse any irreverance.

In reviewing the Parsha this year, I was struck by the many similarities between Yaacov Avinu and (LeHavdil) Mario of Super Mario Bros:

1. The obvious: Mario always wears a hat.
2. Both leave home and brother to strange lands in search of a wife.
3. Once he leaves, the place he left all but ceases to exist (Of course, the rest of his family is still there).
4. Yaacov and Mario do not die even after failing to dodge the first enemy (Elifaz). He loses everything but keeps on going.
5. They find a way to switch to another world and regain strength and reserves by filling up on Gold coins/ Torah. They emerge and continue on their way. No sleeping.
6. Yaacov gets to Charan but realizes that he somehow missed Har Hamoria (the stone with the mushroom). He goes back and ends up depending on bricks for protection from predators.
7. After eliminating the many stones and resting on the proper one, Yaacov/ Mario encounters a ladder going upwards. There are other worldly creatures ascending and decending.
8. Yaacov becomes invincible (Starman) and continues on his way. He does not attain fireball power.
9. Arriving at the well, Yaacov encounters others and single handedly performs superhuman feats. Mario attributes this strength to the Mushroom. Yaacov to Hashem.
10. Mario rescues Princess Peach from the evil clutches of King Bowser, king of the Koopas.

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