Monday, November 12, 2007

Payos 'product'

I was at the mikva this morning, and I saw this sitting in the 'lost and found'

Kerastase Bain Oleo-Curl
Shiny, supple and nourishing shampoo for dry, curly and rebellious hair.
Nourishes and softens the hair fiber for manageable hair and perfectly defined curls.

Who would have left something like that in the men's mikva? There aren't any female hair models there (usually). Then I realised - it is 'product' for Payos.

Don't think it is easy to get those curls in the flowing payos. Hours are spent each day, twisting, curling and fixing them to get that 'delicate, yet serious' look.

It is also good for that 'just washed' look, which can help you to avoid actually washing your hair (or your body) for weeks at a time.

I can see it now - a new range of product designed for the fashion conscious payos wearer - 'Gerrer Gel', 'Breslav Bounce' and 'Chasidic Curl', gels, moisturisers, conditioners, why the list is endless. And of course everything will come packaged in Haredi Black (inside a paper bag so the wife doesn't see it).

So, if you are going for the 'really frum' chasidic look, you know which is the product of choice.

And be warned. This is what could happen if you don't use these products!

(from chaptzem)

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