Sunday, July 08, 2007

Torah Temima bargain

I'm sure you all know who the Torah Temimah is, and what other wonderful books R' Baruch HaLevi Epstein wrote. What you may not know is that he wrote a commentary on the 5 Megillas called Gishmei Bracha (or later, Torah Temimah on 5 Megillahs). I am a big fan of the Torah Temimah, and have been trying to translate another of his commentaries on chumash - Tosefet Bracha on my website. You can see a few pieces on most of the parshas there.

Anyway, here's the scoop. Torahlab are selling a pocket sized version (with clear print) of the original Hebrew version of his commentary on Megillat Eicha for a silly price. But it is for this week only. Click on the link and get yourself a copy to make your tisha b'av more meaningful.

(This is what they write about the book:)
Rabbi Boruch HaLevi Epstien (1860-1941) cites Talmudic and Midrashic souces verbatim, merging the Written and Oral Torah. In addition, his unique style of commentary allows us to understand Eichah through the lens of Chazal.
This volume also contains an 86 page compilation of the Laws of Tisha B’Av by the Rokeach, Or Zarua, Sefer HaManhig, Shibolei HaLeket, Kol Bo, Abudraham and Tashbatz.
All this in a pocket sized edition (measurement) available only through Torahlab at the remarkable price of $3.95 with free shipping!

Price: $3.95

(PS Even though I work for Torahlab, this is not an advertisement paid for or sponsored by them. I genuinely think this is a great sefer and want as many people as possible to learn it and spread Torah. And at this price there really isn't any excuse not to get it)

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