Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tisha B'Av song

To put you in the mood for Tisha B'Av (and while I was waiting for the scanner to scan)

With thanks to Billy Joel:

When we left Egypt, we were triumphant
But out of Israel, we were despondent
We'd got the law
On Mount Sinai
But we were quick to give it up for sinning and lies

We saw the Shechina, and built the Temple
We had korbanos, it was all so simple
But then they burned
Our holy home
And they killed thousands and thousands of folk

Old Jeremiah, said we were mistaken
We never thought that, we'd be forsaken
We cried so hard
That ninth of Av
And prayed for G-d to once more show us His love

We lost our homeland, we made an error
We went to Bavel, with Nebuchadnezzar
And we were blind
We lost our minds
But we never stopped praying
and hoping and saying
That we'd come back home to Israel once more

We said we'll all return together
Yes we will all return together
Oh we will all return together

Remember David, Remember Shlomo
He built the city, He built the Temple
But we were wrong
We lost our way
For no reason at all, we had to hate

We used to live, every day miraculous
But we forgot, Who was above us
Exile's the price
We have to pay
But it's so long, and gets harder each day

We'll all do teshuva, and love each other
We'll once more love You, our King and Father
But its so dark
In exile's night
We hope and pray once more to see your bright light

When we can all return together
We pray we'll all return together
When can we all return together

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