Monday, July 16, 2007

Top Ten Reasons

Two posts that really changed my day yesterday (well, what I mean is that I quoted them several times during the course of the day).

Juggling Frogs has written probably the best blog article I have ever read about how to sell vacuum cleaners and how (not) to do kiruv. She writes so well and has an extremely important message. Judaism doesn't need to be sold. Torah and Judaism can speak for themselves. Experiencing, seeing, learning about Judaism are all great ways for someone to become more interested. But please don't try to 'sell' Judaism, or 'mekarev' people to a Torah lifestyle. Just try to be the right person at the right time in the right place. Let G-d do the rest. (sorry, that is my rant - juggling frogs writes much better than me, and has a better message - read what she wrote!!!!)

And then for some light relief in these 9 sad days -

From Jewish Humor

Top Ten Reasons Why the Nine Days were Made for Hippies

10. No haircuts/shaving - We started that look, dude.

9. No Meat - We're already vegetarians

8. No Laundry - 1 tie-dyed Dead tee can last your for weeks

7. No Wine - You can't smoke it

6. No Live Music - No need when Pink Floyd is always playing inside your head

5. No Swimming -Might lead to laundering

4. No Airflight - Makes hitchhiking the only way to ride

3. No Court cases - Anything to stick it to the man

2. No New Clothing - We only buy Vintage

1. No Weddings - Free love

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