Sunday, April 01, 2007

A more meaningful bedikat chametz

I had been meaning to write a final follow up to the kitten saga, with my 'Jerry Springer' thoughts on the matter. Perhaps I'll get a chance at some point. But right now I've discovered how to make bedikat chametz so much more meaningful - you can read what I wrote over here:
Check it out to also see why I haven't written a few more blogs than I would have wanted.
When everything is going crazy with erev Pesach, pregnant wife and sick kids it is always important to keep the priorities straight. And of course at the moment that means 'Do New Zealand have a chance in the cricket world cup'? (And if you are an American just imagine that cricket is a little bit like rounders, but with only one team getting the points at a time, and with a different shape bad, field, ball - oh yes, and with wickets everywhere as well)
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Have a Chag Kasher v'Sameach and may you have an easier time getting rid of your chametz than I did.
David Sedley

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