Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mazel Tov

With thanks to the Maker of Heaven and Earth
We wanted to announce to you all the birth
Of a new Sedley girl
Who has entered the worl'
May she fill us and the whole place with mirth.

As the daf yomi cycle moves from Mo'ed katan to Chagiga, from evel l'yom tov we are excited and delighted to announce the birth of a new baby girl, who has gone from her aveilus at leaving the womb, to bring us much yom tov (and chol hamo'ed) joy.
She was born last night (17th Nisan/ 4th April) and is the biggest of our babies so far (by quite a margin - she was 3.742 kg which is 8.25 lbs), and mother and baby are doing really well.
We have no idea yet what the name will be, so we are open to any suggetions (or offers).
May we all merit to share many simchas together.

David and Alit Sedley

PS Here is the link to a short video of her, taken a few minutes after she was born. Ignore the blue blanket - they ran out of pink, but quickly remedied the situation.

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