Thursday, June 26, 2008

Progressive Action Alliance

An anti Israel group in Texas have started something called '
Freeway Blogging
'. Instead of writing about why Israel is evil they have gone back the old fashioned way holding posters.

Freeway blogging means they stand on a highway overpass during rush hour and hold signs saying, among other things, "Israel Out of the Middle East" and "Palestinian Blood on Jewish Hands". These messages are not only anti-Zionist, but racist and anti-semitic as well.

If it is any consolation they are not only against Israel but also against the President and vice-President of the USA (it seems we are in good company). It seems more like a Pensioners Trip to Wimbledon (without the tennis, obviously) than any well reasoned, or sensible protest. For them Wednesdays is not about American Idol, but about "Israel out of Palestine, Stop Israeli Cruelty, No war with Iran". Apart from being stupid, it really doesn't sound like much fun if you ask me.

The good and clever people at
The Progressive Action Alliance
are confronting the challenge head on by trying to keep them off the web.

They have created an excellent and informative website
Progressive Action Alliance Houston
which explains that Israel has a right to exist and is not an appartheid state.

They have also sponsored bloggers (like me) to write about the good work that they do, and to provide links to them. They want to make sure that their web presence is much stronger than that of the loonies, and that they show up first on any google search.

Good luck to the Progressive Action Alliance (the ones on our side - not the pensioners with the signs). May they merit to revert the evil decree and show the world what a wonderful country Israel is.