Monday, March 18, 2013

Rav Kav Update

I must say that I'm very impressed. The people from CityPass phoned me just now (Monday - I left them a query last Thursday, so that is quite quick).

They confirmed and clarified that the "maavar/transfer" DOES still work from bus to train and back again within 90 minutes (provided that the RavKav ticket is code 62 - you have to check that they sell you the right ticket if you buy it on the bus).

On the other hand, she admitted that sometimes the machine does take extra clips by mistake. If someone thinks that the machine has taken an extra clip by mistake they must go to the tachana merkazit (central [bus] station) and go to the RavKav stand there and they will investigate. If it was indeed in error they will refund the clip (though I'm not sure whether they refund on the spot or whether they send a refund voucher at some later date).

I would be glad to hear from someone who has tried doing that to see how long such a procedure takes (though to be honest, probably just the time it would take me to go to the tachana merkazit and get through security would make it not worth my while for the sake of 6.60 shekel).

I asked her if some policy had changed on 1st February, as the ticket inspector had told me. She said that she was not aware of any change.

So, apologies to RavKav and CityPass for thinking they had changed their policy (though I was told so by one of their employees). Well done for getting back to me so quickly. On the other hand, the machine DOES make mistakes, and getting a refund involves taking a trip to the tachana merkazit.

Caveat Viator.


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Good news! Chag sameach

  2. Sounds like a class action suit to me