Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Practical Difficulties of Being an Editor

Sometimes it is hard to separate between life and work. Especially when work consists of sitting in front of a computer all day editing and translating. Then family time starts. And the following is just one example of what can happen.

WIFE (to son): Don't let me EVER catch you lying to me again!

ME: Does he need your permission for that?

WIFE: OK, what I meant was that I don't want to ever catch you lying to me again!

ME: So the real problem here was that you caught him?

WIFE: Don't EVER lie to me again!

ME: He can lie to everyone else?


ME: (What about writing or tweeting or singing lies?)

WIFE (to me): Just be quiet already!!!!!! You KNOW what I mean!

Whoops. Methinks it is time to turn off the mental "auto-correct" button.

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  1. Many moons ago when I worked with teenagers touring Israel at the beginning of the trip we always gave them a lecture of the severe consequences if we ever caught them with alcohol, and by-and-large they were very obliging and we almost never caught them.