Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Less Purple

Jon Lord - far left.

The world is a little bit less 'Purple' today, with the passing of Jon Lord last night. He was the keyboard player for Deep Purple, and was a childhood hero of mine (probably still is one of my heroes if I'm honest). He was comfortable in the worlds of both classical and rock music, avoided drugs and was (as described in the video) 'a gentleman'.

It is the three weeks, so I can't even listen to any of his music now, but I'm sharing with you the video of an honorary degree he received last year, which shows him as a down to earth, Leicester boy.

He was not Jewish, but had a profound spiritual impact on me.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet


  1. Wow - interesting that you're still Purple at heart, even beneath the black and white exterior.

  2. The most frustrating thing is that Alice Walker has stolen the Colour Purple (though she spells it without a 'u'). So I can no longer be purple at heart in Hebrew.
    But I can be Deep - man!