Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

I was walking through Meah Shearim the other day with my almost 8 year old daughter. Everyone was selling pictures of Rav Elyashiv (if the Chareidim would wear T-Shirts there could be a huge money making opportunity there - T-Shirts of Gedolim!). So we were speaking about Rav Elyashiv.
Tamar said to me, "He was the biggest tzaddik - right Abba?"
"I suppose so" I replied.
"He was even greater than Moshe Rabbeinu, because Rav Elyashiv just learnt Torah all day long, but Moshe Rabbeinu sinned when he hit the rock!"

She does not go to a Beis Yaakov school, and I am sure that nobody told her such an idea. But if you put two ideas together sometimes you get a different answer than intended.

Be careful what you teach your children - they just might be listening!

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