Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rav Dushinsky Saves Jerusalem?

I was looking at a book entitled "HaTekufah ve-Bayoteha" - "The Era and its Troubles" by Rav Yosef Avraham Wolff. He became a chasid of the Chazon Ish, and was responsible for creating the Beis Yaakov educational philosophy which allowed for the the current Kollel system.

One of the important messages to teach the students is Emunat Chachamim. He explains that this means firstly that all the words of Chazal, in both halacha and aggada, are Torah mi-Sinai. Then he says that they must have faith in the current Rabbis, who are experts in every area of life. He claims that the political and financial system would be much better if only the politicians would take advice from the leading Rabbis of the day.

Wolff illustrates his point with the one time that they asked Rav Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky for advice, and he saved Jerusalem from the Arabs in 1948.

My problem is that I cannot find any reference anywhere to such a story. Has anyone heard this story before? What does it refer to? Who asked him? And what was his advice?

Here is the relevant Hebrew text (in case I misunderstood it):

ידיעת התורה שלהם מקנה להם את כל הערכים. מה מעולה היה מצבנו הכלכלי והפטליטי, לו בעלי ההגה היו מתיעצים עם חכמי ישראל! הלא ר' יוסף צבי דושינסקי זצוק"ל הציל את ירושלים מידי הערבים בשנת תש"ט, כאשר פעם אחת שאלו בעצת חכמים.

Any ideas? Anyone?

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