Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Deena Mishaan

My sister in law has just created a website to display her artwork. She is an amazing artist, focussing on spirals and motherhood.

This is what she writes about herself and her art:

I am a mother. I am an artist.
The use of color, texture and shape expresses my bond between mother and child;
that powerful, spiritual and emotional connection unlike any other.

I paint to capture these emotions. One of my first inspirations was the look in my daughters eyes as she looked up at me while nursing; that perfect moment of calm, love, giving and taking. A moment that mothers want to hold onto, but often lose in the everyday tasks of motherhood.
I accomplished this by breaking up that moment into fragments and putting it back together through spirals.
The spiral represents the strong bond of love that grows out, becoming stronger and never-ending; like the love of a parent for a child. It represents the cycle of life, womanhood, femininity and motherhood.
It represents me.

Have a look at and let her know what you think of her art.

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