Thursday, December 11, 2008

Livni speaks like Kahane!

Only yesterday Tzippi Livni, head of Kadima, was chastising Likud for electing Feiglin to the number 20 slot on their electoral roll. Apparently were the 'right wing' of Likud to become the ruling party there would be no further hope for peace (because apparently she thinks that the 'centrist/left wing' government of which she is part have brought peace - though she did say the day before that the situation in Gaza is intolerable and cannot stay like that - so presumably it isn't the kind of peace where they stop firing missiles or anything like that)!

Yet today, changing her mind like the weather, she is espousing views normally associated with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (and his current incarnation of Moshe Feiglin). Here is a quote from the Jerusalem Post:

Kadima leader Tzipi Livni on Thursday said that Israeli Arabs should leave Israel for a Palestinian state once such a state is established.

"My solution for maintaining a Jewish and democratic state of Israel is to have two nation-states with certain concessions and with clear red lines," Livni said. "And among other things I will also be able to approach the Palestinian residents of Israel, those whom we call Israeli Arabs, and tell them, 'your national solution lies elsewhere.'"

So now she wants to make peace by declaring war and to transfer all the Israeli Arabs to the future Palestine. Make any sense? Not to me. I suppose if she espouses every possible opinion she thinks that everyone will vote for her. Right??

Good new - elections coming up in a couple of months. Bad news - nothing will change as a result of the elections. But I suppose at least we don't have to deal with the problems they have in Illinois! Imagine having a corrupt politician as the leader of the State (or country). Hmmmmm

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