Monday, October 29, 2007

Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

As some of you know, we need to replace our kitchen fairly urgently. The wood is rotting, there isn't enough storage space, and just before Rosh Hashanah our kitchen sink collapsed.

Hopefully we are getting most of a new (for us) kitchen from some friends who are redoing their appartment and getting rid of the kitchen that was there.

I have been asked whether I would put metal cabinets in my kitchen, instead of the traditional wooden ones. I know that metal storage units are usually found in garages, not kitchens, but they certainly do have many advantages.

They are really strong and come in many colors or in finishes like stainless steel. They won't go rotten, and most of all they look REALLY funky. Check out these metal cabinets from the Car Garage Guy.

Our house would certainly be the snazziest one in the building if we put in some of those cabinets. (Whether my wife would agree is an entirely different matter).

So in short, the answer is, YES, I would put metal cabinets in my kitchen.

What do you think?

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