Monday, September 03, 2007

Price of Love

Many people complain about the shidduch crisis, and the associated problems in the 'frum' world. It is interesting to see that y-net and 'Josh' have cottoned on to the idea of shidduchim and are promoting it.

Josh realises that if he wants something he has to pay for it. My only question is how much is a wife, love and happiness for the rest of his life worth to him? A measly $1000!!

In the frum world the price of a shidduch ranges from nothing (I know many people who spend hours and days trying to set people up on a shidduch who don't expect any financial reward) to tens of thousands of dollars (from both the man and the woman). It bothers me that there are shadchanim who charge so much, but on the other hand, to find a soul mate and life partner is surely worth any price (right dear?)

Josh did the maths, and figured out he will actually be saving money (or at least breaking even) by paying someone $1000 to find him a wife.

Good for him. I hope he finds his bashert at the right time (for the right price), and it wouldn't be such a bad thing if the idea of professional shadchanim for non-religious people caught on. There are many single people looking to get married, and at the moment only the religious ones have access to the shadchanim (with only a few exceptions - and the internet)

The only advice I would give to him is that if he thinks he is busy now, just wait until the shadchanim finish with him!

Find a bride for Josh – get $1,000

Shuki Bachar (aka Josh) promises a nice reward to whoever finds him a bride

"Someone smarter than me once told me 'if you want something done right, pay..'" – This is how Josh explained the idea behind his project "Finding a bride for Josh."

He tried dating websites but said that 90 percent of the faces stay the same and "who has time to surf the web all day." So he decided to make a move and offer $1,000 to the person who find him love.

His decision was based on a simple calculation:

A subscription to a dating website: NIS 120 ($28) a month

Average length of subscription: 36 months

Total: NIS 4,320 or $1,000

He promises to mail the check to the matchmaker on the day of the wedding.

For the project he also interviewed himself:

Why are you doing this?

"I am very busy and don't have the time to go looking for Cinderella every night in the bars and clubs. Looking for a bride is a full-time job. After traveling in the world, studying in the US and dating, I am ready to settle down."

Josh believes in doing things differently

Tell us about yourself

"I am a 32-years-old software engineer. I own a small company and want to find the 'one and only.' I believe in doing things a little differently.

Why "Josh"?

"My name is Yehoshua (Shuki) but my friends call me Josh because of the time I spent in the US. It sounds much cooler too."

What are you looking for in a woman?

"Non-smoker, over 25, intelligent (an academic degree is preferred), cute and settled. She must be real and enjoy having fun. A sense of humor is required."

What will you do on the first date?

"Go visit my mother. No, I'm kidding, I want to get to know the person."

How many girls do you plan to date?

"As many as I need till I find the right one."

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