Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Christians vs. Jews

Apparently Jesus doesn't heal cancer. At least that is the ruling of a judge in New Zealand. A church had a billboard outside stating that Jesus heals cancer, and they were asked to remove it because it caused offence.

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A church billboard proclaiming that "Jesus Heals Cancer" has breached advertising standards by suggesting the church can offer something other churches cannot, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled.

She said the billboard was dangerous and deceptive as it could potentially offer false hope and lure in the vulnerable in their time of illness and sadness.

"I would be more than happy if this billboard was to read 'Jesus Heals' and that way it could be interpreted to mean he heals spiritually/emotionally which I believe is more along the lines of what the church are trying to say."

So it is official then. Even though:
"Our belief is substantiated by the fact six people within our congregation have testified to Jesus healing them from cancer," the church said.

I find it ironic that in an ostensibly Christian country the judges rule on what it is permitted to claim that Jesus can or cannot do.

And this is the biggest difference between Christianity and (Chareidi) Judaism. For Christians G-d is a healer of cancer. According to certain Rabbis it is the internet that causes cancer.

So while the Christians are trying to cheer up their congregants and give them hope, certain Rabbis are trying to terrify and threaten their constituents with horrible diseases.

At least if someone does 'catch cancer' from the internet they will now know where to go to cure it.

Let's see if that is mentioned at the Internet Asifa.

(How sad the world is sometimes)

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