Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project on Aging

I have been working for TAG-Institute for the past couple of months.

Tag is an organisation dedicated to promoting the broadest possible contribution of Jews and Judaism to the improvement of the world. It does this in two ways - the dissemination of knowledge of Jewish social values through Tag Institute for Jewish Social Values, and humanitarian activities through Tag International Development.

The basic goal of what I have been doing is to present Jewish ideas to the non-Jewish world, to allow the 'Jewish' voice of Social Science to be heard. With over 2000 years of written history, Judaism has a contribution to make to the wider world.

So, here is a document that I prepared on the 'Jewish View on Aging'. There is much more that could be said, but my main focus was where Judaism can make a contribution to the wider world in the field of Aging Enrichment.

If anyone has time or interest to read this document I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas or feedback (positive or negative). This is essentially the first draft and any comments will be incorporated in future versions of this document.

Here is the document on Jewish Aging. Right click to download.

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