Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Segulah

Unfortunately my neighbour's home was burgled last night. Har Nof is having a massive spate of robberies - that was the third one that I know of this week.

Anyway, I just hope they didn't get his whisky - what with Purim next week.

So I thought it was quite mean this morning when the Gabbai in Shul gave him Peticha. Taking the valuable Torah out of the ark just after being burgled seems to be rubbing his face in it.

But then I realised it is actually a segulah. Because pretty soon after taking out the Torah - everything is put back again exactly where it was, and they look the door and keep it locked for a very long time.

May all the enemies of the Jews be locked away for a very long time (or do teshuvah, as Bruriah said to Rabbi Meir).

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