Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Avodah Zara 10a and Jesus

This week in Daf Yomi we learned a lot about Romans. One of the things that Rashi cites on daf 10a is that the Romans have no language or script of their own. For anyone, like me, who spent years studying Latin and learning Virgil, Cattallus, or any of the other Latin authors it is hard to understand this Rashi.

Luckily there is a wonderful shiur online from Rav Shnayer Leiman which explains what Rashi means. The answer is very surprising (and involves Jesus and Peter - sorry to give that away from the beginning).

Here is the shiur Jewish Perspectives on Early Christianity.

Rav Leiman also refers to a little known text "Toldos Yeshu HaNotzri" which can be found online here as a pdf.

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