Monday, November 24, 2008

Some old photos

Avi's bar mitzvah is in a couple of weeks (I can't believe he is so old - and that means I am even older!)

So to celebrate, here are a couple of photos that I just found (thanks Daniel) of Avi in Edinburgh - looking at the penguins in the zoo, and another of him having a drink. There is also a photo of the picture that Daniel and Jemma made for us to welcome us back to the country after a visit in Israel. - Yes, the blue baby was once Avi!

I also found this picture (actually my wife found it on facebook) of me and Rabbi Dovid Cohen at a Burns supper. I am so embarrassed... by the big glasses I'm wearing - it used to be the fashion about 100 years ago! (oh, and don't worry, the kilts are shatnez free! - but don't ask what's in the sporran!)

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