Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If you have a spare few hundred thousand pounds to spare you may want to consider one of these two cars to add to your collection (it would look nice sitting next to the Roller in the garage).

They say that it is a German engine, Dutch billionaire and Italian name, but they forget to mention that these cars have a New Zealand mechanic - my brother in law. Go Don!

Not only that, but as usual, Top Gear is fun. They have a way of making cars interesting! (comparing the Diahatsu with the Ascari is priceless).

So even if you are not in the market for a new car that can't actually fit you and the groceries inside, and you don't feel the need to be able to drive at over 200 mph (since the speed limit is 50 mph), you may still enjoy these clips.

Oh, and if you don't like videos, here is the wikipedia entry for Ascari:

Ascari Cars is a sports car manufacturer based in Banbury, United Kingdom. The company was named after Alberto Ascari (1918 - 1955) who was the first double world Formula 1 champion. Besides manufacturing cars, Ascari also manages a racetrack, Race Resort Ascari.


Ascari Cars was established in Dorset, England in 1995. Its first limited-edition car, the Ascari Ecosse, was launched in 1998. After the release of the Ecosse, Dutch businessman Klaas Zwart purchased the company.

In 2000 Ascari built a new facility in Banbury. Ascari's second car, the Ascari KZ1, was developed at Banbury, which also housed Team Ascari's racing assets.

Also in 2000, Ascari also began developing a racetrack near Ronda, in southern Spain. The track was accompanied by a resort, with several road and racing cars available to visitors to test, including former Formula One machinery.

Road cars
An Ascari KZ1 (foreground) and Ecosse on display.
An Ascari KZ1 (foreground) and Ecosse on display.

* Ascari FGT (1995) - Initial concept car
* Ascari Ecosse (1998) - Production version of the FGT
* Ascari KZ1 (2003)
* Ascari A10 (2006) - Uprated version of the KZ1

Race cars

* Ascari FGT (1995) - Racing version of the FGT concept, run in the British GT Championship
* Ascari A410 (2000) - Le Mans Prototype
* Ascari KZR-1 (2003) - Upgraded version of the A410
* Ascari KZ1R GT3 (2005) - Racing version of the KZ1, running in the FIA GT3 class

Ascari KZ1

You can see the Ascari A10 by clicking here:

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