Friday, August 17, 2007

Music not banned!

Even though the 'Gedolim' (or at least the people who write the signs and posters on behalf of the Gedolim have banned people from attending the Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey concert in Yerushalayim, I notice with some surprise and a lot of relief that they have not commented at all on the forthcoming Jethro Tull concert! Tull are playing on the 23rd in Jersalem and the next day (I think) somewhere else. You can check the details for yourself.

I assume that the 'Gedolim' understand that Aqualung and Thick as a Brick are full of Torah messages and bring a person closer to G-d (presumably the same is not true of the Jewish music that has been banned). I agree with the Gedolim 100% on this issue. There is a lot that can and should be learned from the lyrics, the musical content, and the album covers (although perhaps on in the case of the cover of Thick as a Brick, which is more like a newspaper than an album cover).

I think the Rolling Stones may be also coming this summer, and I am very proud that although the Christians and Moslems condemn their wild, satanic music, our Gedolim, by their very silence, fully support 'Their Satanic Majesties'. Long live Rock and Roll!

I was just watching a documentary about the making of Machinehead, where the original Deep Purple musicians (well, MkII at any rate) were interviewed. For most of my teen years Jon Lord was my hero. He is one of the most talented musicians and composers, and according to all the interviews is also a nice guy and easy to get on with. His blend of rock and classical music was always ahead of its time and created that unique Purple sound.

Anyway, having watched this documentary I remembered why I liked him so much. While some of the other band members are posing with wigs or dyed hair (and possibly some nips and tucks not to mention candles, suits of armour and a wizard's hat), he sits behind his Hammond calmly answering questions and recreating that majestic sound from all those years ago. He looks the oldest of the band by a long way (I think he may be a year older than the others), but (along with Roger Glover) comes across as the one who really cares about music more than anything else.

What a guy. Perhaps I should add him to my 'Gedolim' gallery. (actually I don't have a gedolim gallery, but if I did it would also include Winnie the Pooh and possibly Mickey Mouse). And he has (to the best of my knoweldge) never signed a ban against anyone or anything.

Must be Elul.

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